Wonderful discovery

Dr. Nasir Siddiki, a Muslim, was diagnosed with the worst case of shingles. He heard the doctors speak quietly: “In a few hours he’ll be dead” Then they left him to die! He recalled: “During the darkest hour of the night, I woke and saw a man at the foot of my bed. Rays of light emanated from him, allowing me to see his outline. No one had to tell me, I knew it was Jesus. There was no fear, only peace. He said: ‘I am the God of the Christians. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’ That’s all He said.” The next morning, the doctors said “We don’t know what happened, but the shingles has started to disappear!” He was discharged from the hospital the following day. He knew Jesus had healed him. A day later he invited Jesus into his life. He has fully healed, except for scars remaining on his chest.

Nasir said: “Jesus, the God of the Christians, showed up in the hospital room of a dying Muslim and healed me. The miracle that occurred in my heart was even more dramatic than the one that occurred in my body.”

In an interview with Sid Roth, Siddiki says that the words of Jesus convinced him that Jesus is the Son of God – something which the Muslims do not believe about Jesus.

When the doctors had left Siddiki to die, he cried out: “God, if You are there, don’t let me die.” In the interview he says that he was terrified of death. According to the Muslim faith you only go to paradise (heaven) upon dying if your good deeds exceed your bad deeds. But he was, as were all Muslims, unsure whether he had done enough good deeds. However, according to the Muslim faith, there is only one way by which you can really be assured of heaven, and that is the jihad. It means you must lay down your life for your faith. Many Muslims do that through suicide attacks for example. Siddiki tells about his wonderful discovery of a loving God, who does not expect of you to die for Him, but who had died for you so that you may be with Him eternally. For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life (Joh.3:16). This is how we know what love is: Christ gave his life for us (1 Joh.3:16). What a wonderful discovery.


Lord Jesus, we thank You that we may know that You are the Son of God and that You have borne the punishment for our sins in our place. Amen.


Gert Berning



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