What does alcohol do to my unborn baby?

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome what are the facts? 

Are you possibly pregnant?


Are you absolutely sure?

Do you drink alcohol? Do you know that even ONE glass can be extremely detrimental to your unborn baby?

If you drink while you are pregnant, it can cause your child to be born with a condition that is called Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Can you recognise a child with FAS by his/her appearance?

  • When a child is born with FAS, that child has problems for the rest or his/her life. Some of the problems that your baby may have, are:
  • The brain is mostly smaller and development is weaker than those of other babies.
  • The baby could be stillborn.
  • Babies born with FAS weigh less than other babies do. Their growth rate is also slower than children of their age group; they stay behind.
  • Some children with FAS have specific features, but the faces of many children with FAS look quite normal. Therefore, it is important to know there are other symptoms. The child could also have heart, hearing, seeing and more problems.
  • As a result of brain damage these children develop at a slower rate and their learning ability is slower and more difficult than those of their fellow pupil’s.

If you drink alcohol while pregnant, your child could be born with FAS. Your baby could have brain damage for the rest of his/her life and also possibly be physically damaged.

“No thank you, I am pregnant!”

Can FAS be prevented?


If you don’t drink AT ALL while you are pregnant, your child will not be born with FAS.

This means, that even if there is the slightest possibility that you are pregnant, you should not take alcohol.

Sometimes you think you are not pregnant and then you indulge  – while actually you are pregnant and  could permanently harm your baby. If you want to be-come pregnant or do not take con-
traception, then DON’T drink !

And definitely not while you are pregnant.

FAS is 100% preventable but 100% incurable

If you took alcohol while pregnant and that baby was born without FAS, it does not necessarily mean that if you get pregnant again the next baby will also be born without FAS.

Remember, FAS is irreversible. There is no medicine that can cure it!

The consequence of taking alcohol while pregnant can come to the fore when your child is quiet older.

He/she could develop learning and behavioural problems – and that is only some of the consequences. Alcohol is extremely harmful to your unborn baby and even one glass is enough to cause permanent damage to your little one.

The Bible tells us that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit whom we have received from God.

If you as a mom to-be indulge in alcohol, you do a great disfavour to your unborn child. But if you are a child of God and ask Him to help you, you can live a clean life with His grace.

God redeems you from sin if you sincerely repent and live obediently according to his will.

It is only with His help that you can continue to raise this baby that the Lord gave you for the kingdom of God.

Parenthood is a responsibility that the Lord placed on you and for which you will have to give account.

So where do I get help?

SANCA (WC) – 021 945 4080

BADISA – 021 957 7130

If you are already pregnant go to your local clinic.

FASfact – 023 342 7000

Foundation for Alcohol Related Research(FARR) –  021 686 2646/5

Contact the Social Synod Office at – 012 342 0092

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