True Love Waits

True love waits

Choose to say no to sex outside of marriage

Everybody talks about love.

But true love is not seen every day!

What is true love?

  • True love is… patient. It can wait until marriage.
  • True love is… kind. It respects the feelings, future and body of another person.
  • True love is… not jealous or boastful. It does not boast about how many sexual partners it took to bed.
  • True love is… not arrogant. It does not insist on its own ways.
  • True love is… not rude. It considers others.
  • True love is… not irritable and resentful.
  • True love… does not rejoice at wrongs done to others. Love never rejoices when others are being infected with deadly viruses.
  • True love… bears all things, even if it demands self-sacrifice and suffering in helping others.
  • True love… has hope and gives hope.
  • True love is… a gift from God. It is strange to our human nature. Those who receive this gift from God look more and more like God, and are a blessing to others.
  • True love… makes us images of God.
  • True love … will change this world.

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and Galatians 5:22.

Choose to play it safe and wait. Think about this:

  • Most HIV positive people got infected by having sex with an infected person.
  • Many HIV positive people are not aware that they are infected. They look and feel completely healthy for many years but many of them unknowingly pass the HI-virus onto people they have sex with.
  • The virus hides in the vaginal juices or semen of infected people and is passed on into your  body if you have sex with them.
  • Once the virus is in your blood, there is no treatment which can remove it again. Neither the doctor, nor a sangoma can cure you.
  • The virus slowly attacks and destroys your body’s immune (defence) system, which protects your body from other disease causing germs.
  • ARV medicines have been developed. Most people have access to it. If taken correctly, together with a healthy lifestyle, it can increase our resistance to the virus and prevent a person developing full blown HIV and Aids. But it cannot cure you from being HIV Positive. In the end the virus causes you to develop HIV/Aids – a combination of several life-threatening infections. It may eventually lead to aids-related illnesses that may cause your death.
  • You may choose to have sex outside marriage and use a condom to be safe. This will significantly reduce your chances of getting infected by the HI-virus and other sexually transmitted diseases. But be warned – a condom will not completely eliminate your chances of getting infected.

Those who refuse to abstain, who cannot be faithful, must be prepared to accept the hard truth that their behaviour is likely to bring their own untimely death, as well as that of others. Don’t pay with your life for a few minutes of pleasure – you are special to God and your family.

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