Christian Literature Fund is pleased to announce the availability of the Tell, tell! series, a collection of Bible stories, audiobooks and workbooks for children between the ages of 8 and sixteen.

Written by renowned author Susan Goosen, the Tell, tell! series includes five years material to aid in faith formation in children.

Beautiful storytelling

Each book is filled with 36 stories and includes instructions on the approach and method to follow in each lesson. This makes the series ideal for use in youth ministry, Sunday schools and family settings.

What’s included in each book

Book 1: Where we begin

Book one tells the story of creation up to Israel’s Exodus to the promised land.

Book 2: Ordinary people in God’s plan

Books two tells of Israel’s arrival in the promised land with stories right up to the Old Testament.

Book 3: The Son of God becomes a human being

Book three tells stories of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Book 4: God is sending Us

Book for shares stories of the early church and the apostles.

Book 5: We believe and live

Book five focuses on what we believe as Christians and how we are to live this belief.

True value

In addition to the five books, The Tell, tell! package also includes five instruction books, five audiobooks, five workbooks, five badges and an instructional DVD. Together, this combination of reading, listening and workbook material helps children grow through an imaginative learning experience, making it easier to grasp lessons and learn how to apply them in their lives.

Save on your purchase

Sold separately, all material in the Tell, tell! series is available at over R850, but you can save money and purchase your package for just R650, while stock lasts.