Reach out to others with a Christian pamphlet

There are so many wonderful stories about people who somewhere, at a specific moment in their lives, picked up and read a pamphlet with an evangelical message … and then experienced how their whole lives were changed drastically through it. Many people can tell how a pamphlet brought comfort, or better understanding, or maybe helped to make a correct choice in life. Many can witness how the reading of a pamphlet helped them to again give their lives, or maybe for the first time, to the Lord.

Pamphlets with a Biblical message are a wonderful aid through which Christians can reach out to other people. Through a pamphlet the gospel can be spread widely, even to places that you can never reach yourself. Through pamphlets you spread a testimony to people whose language you do not even understand at all yourself, or whom you maybe never even met.

Pamphlets present a wonderful opportunity to the faithful for telling people about God’s love – that God cares about them, that Christ died and rose for them and that he makes their lives whole and new.

Hints on the use of CLF’s pamphlets to proclaim the gospel:

It is important that you first try to find out yourself what the different pamphlets deal with before you hand out pamphlets. About which theme is it? Does it want to convey information about topical subjects like addiction or HIV and aids? Or does it want to comfort? Or perhaps warn against wrong choices and values in life? Does it explain how one becomes a child of the Lord or does it want to equip the faithful for their task? Is it meant for children? For the faithful or perhaps precisely for people who do not yet believe?

Which kind of pamphlet it is and in which language it is written of course determines where the pamphlet should be handed out. Some pamphlets are meant for schools, others for hospitals, clinics, homes for the aged, prisons or for the workplace. Some may be used for an enabling occasion, while others are meant to be personally given to someone who experiences a difficult time or who struggles with a specific problem. And then there are of course pamphlets that one should hand out or display at a busy place like a station, taxi terminal, shop, street corner or a place where people gather or pass through.

When congregations embark on outreaches, for example to a neighbouring country, the distribution of literature should be an important part of the planning of the project and the outreach activities. There are of course all kinds of creative ways to hand out pamphlets: it may be placed in post boxes, mailed with business letters or greeting cards, offered during an evangelisation campaign, at prayer occasions and at receptions as a small gift (for example as bookmark) or it may form part of a book sale or display at a flea market or art market.

It is good to plan in advance about the best place and manner in which the pamphlets should be handed out. It is also important to in advance ask the necessary permission to display or hand out pamphlets. If it is to be displayed, it should be done conspicuously, neatly and attractively.

Of course it is best to give the pamphlet to someone in a very personal way, and to then start a discussion about the theme of the pamphlet with such a person. The theme of the pamphlet may indeed be a useful means through which discussions may be struck up. When one hands out pamphlets to strangers, you should do it humbly and very friendly, without intrusiveness. Your whole conduct should testify about your own gladness and joy in the Lord and the urge to share it with others. People should be attracted by your conduct and not alienated. Our conduct is an equally important testimony as the contents of the pamphlet.

Encourage people to read the pamphlet and to pass it on once more. Try to arrange a followup discussion with the person. He or she may then possibly talk about what the literature means to him or her or what they did not understand.

Such a discussion, even if he or she is critical, offers you the opportunity to strike up a spiritual conversation. In this way you maintain contact with the people to whom you testify. Use every opportunity to spread pamphlets. It is better to spread one every day, to pray about it and to discuss it, than to wait for an opportunity to spread hundreds of pamphlets in a batch.

Never hand out pamphlets if you did not pray. You or a pamphlet can not win people for the Lord or change their lives. Only the Holy Spirit can do it. Ask the Lord for guidance in order that the right pamphlet will be given to the right person. Also specifically pray for the person who received the pamphlet. Pray often for the development of new pamphlets and the improvement of existing ones. Pray for and help to supply the necessary funds to maintain and extend the whole pamphlet project. Order pamphlets regularly. See to it that your supply is always adequate and that you have a variety of pamphlets at hand. Christian Literature Fund has a variety of pamphlets in many languages. To order a free catalogue or pamphlets, contact CLF at:

“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” Isa 55:11

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