Auzeni, auzeni! Kumene Tayambira (Buku 1)


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This is the Chewa translation of Where we begin, the first of five books in the series Tell, tell!  It has been written with the idea of forming faith in children between 7 and 16 years. With telling and retelling stories as pedagogical base, the stories succeed in captivating while remaining faithful to the Bible. It can be read as is to the children. A clear picture of events is painted in the mind of the listeners (imaginative listening) and fixed by retelling. The story itself is allowed to convey the message and to lead to discussion and reflection. Children are drawn into the story. This links up closely with the movement of “oral learning” which has given rise to a worldwide rediscovery of the value and joy of listening to stories, and of retelling them.

The Tell, tell! approach is based on a rediscovery of the value of imaginative listening to stories and the pleasure in retelling them for the process of faith formation – “listen, imagine, tell and enjoy”.  Each book in the series is prefaced by a description of the methodology and the course to follow during the lessons – no approach can be simpler! Additional resources for applying and integrating the lessons are also included. Groups of children between the age of 8 and 16 will benefit the most from these stories. It will be useful for Sunday School education, youth ministry, but also for faith formation at home. Even students and adults may find this very useful for Bible Study and fellowship groups.

Susan Goosen is a well-known writer and journalist. As educator she focuses especially on the formation of faith in children and on the development of healthy relationships within the family. Susan is married to Eduard and they have three children: Anel, André and Esther.

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