Play it safe

Dear friend,

You are young. You are full of life and energy. You may think you are the captain of your own team.

I am writing this letter to you because God, who created you, loves you. God really loves you. He is excited about you. You are special.

But God is also concerned about you. So many people your age die these days. There are funerals every weekend.

The main cause of these deaths is HIV and AIDS. The virus is transmitted mainly by having sex with a HIV+ person.

There is no medical cure. Once you are HIV+, you will stay that way for the rest of your life. ARV medicine may improve your health, but cannot remove the virus from your body. There is no traditional cure, not even iSangoma’s advice will save you.

As a good soccer coach will tell you: it’s no use arguing with the referee once he has given you a red card. It’s better to play according to the rules. Know the rules of the game and play according to these, and you will not get a red card from the referee for illegal play!

God gave us his rules and good advice for the game of life, including our sexual behaviour. The Ten Commandments in the Bible are clear about the value of every human being (“do not commit murder”), as well as the value of the institution of marriage (“do not commit adultery” – NIRV).

Many people reject these rules. They make their own rules, saying that free sex is acceptable. By doing this, they put themselves at risk! They may end up being HIV+. This will damage their health severely and may even cause early death.

Unsafe sex puts your partner at risk as well! You may be HIV+ and not know it and pass the virus to your partner! By putting the life of your partner at risk, you take away the value of his or her life.

God’s game rules for healthy sexuality:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect the lives of others.
  • Know your HIV status.
  • Have an obedient relationship with God.
  • Let his Spirit control your whole life.

God created us as sexual human beings and He wants us to be spiritually and physically healthy. He wants us to be happy as well. If you can choose for yourself – wait until you are married before you have sex. This may seem difficult, but healthy lifestyle activities will help a lot. Flee from sexual temptations. Choose your friends carefully. However, if you are not allowed to choose for yourself – do your utmost to negotiate for safer sex. When condoms are used correctly they do give significant protection.

Seek God’s protection and strive for a relationship where you and your body are respected and valued. Dream of a marriage in line with God’s Word. Join the team of people who want to obey Jesus: Commit yourself to healthy living.

Your pledge

(complete this form if you are serious, and keep it as a reminder of your decision):

By the grace of God, I, ………………………………………………… make a pledge to God, myself, my family, my community, and my future spouse, to live a sexual pure life until marriage. Even when I do not have the freedom to choose for myself, I will demonstrate respect for my own body and the other person’s through negotiating safer sex.

If God guides me to get married, I will remain faithful to my spouse until I die. I understand that marriage itself does not protect people from HIV infection and therefore we will know our HIV status and will practice safer sex if one of us should be HIV+.

In conjunction with CABSA

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