I was shy and scared to talk about Jesus

One day I was helping my friend. She smiled and said: “You are wonderful!” And all our other friends heard it.
Then I thought: It was so nice to hear her say I am wonderful. It must be just as nice for Jesus when he hears me saying how wonderful he is in front of my friends.
That is why I am coming out from underneath the bed in this picture. One cannot think in the dark!

Then I took my Bible. And there I found a message from Jesus JUST for me: ”If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.” And also: “So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord” (2 Timothy 1:8).

When our teacher asked us: “Has God done anything wonderful for you?”
I wanted to shout: “Mom didn’t have a job, and he gave her a job. Jesus
is wonderful!” But I didn’t. I was too shy. That is why I look as small as a flea in this picture. This is what a child looks like who wants to die of shame.

When somebody at school said she doesn’t like to pray, I wanted to shout: “Jesus is wonderful. He helps us when we pray!”But I didn’t. I was too shy. And I was afraid.

That is why I am hiding underneath the bed in this picture. That is where scared children hide.

The first time I heard how Jesus called the little children and put his arms around them, I was so happy I wanted to shout: “Jesus is wonderful!” But I didn’t.  I was too shy. That is why I am standing with my back to you in this picture.

When I was very ill, everybody prayed for me. Jesus healed me again. I was so happy that I wanted to shout: “Jesus is wonderful!” But I didn’t. That is why only my eyes can be seen in this picture.

I also had to talk about Jesus. But I was too afraid. And I was shy. What if everybody turned their heads and laughed? Hahaha! That is why I am crying in this picture. I thought everybody would laugh hahaha when I say: “Jesus is wonderful!” What if everybody turned round and looked at me?

I searched through the Bible again. And there I read Jesus saying: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” That is why I am praying in this picture. I was so happy that the Holy Spirit also helps children. I also asked him to make me VERY brave. When I finished praying, I went to practise in front of the mirror. Five times I said:

Every time I said it a little louder. That is why there are two of me in this picture. I am smiling in front of the mirror – that is why you see so many teeth! I am smiling! I am already brave!

Just then somebody knocked on my door. My friend came over to play. I was not afraid at all any more. The Holy Spirit made me VERY VERY brave.

”Hello,” I said. “Do you know what? Jesus is wonderful!” That is why my friend’s eyes are so big in this picture. She was very surprised. “Why do you say that?” Then I told her how much I love Jesus. It was so nice to be able to do that. You should also tell other people of your love for Jesus.

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