God’s rules keep us safe

Have a look at the different fences and walls around people’s homes. Some are very strong and high. Other people have a wire or a picket fence. These fences and walls are there for a reason. They help to keep people with wrong ideas and plans from coming into our homes or that small children wander on their own into the streets and get hurt by a car.

Rules are like the walls around our homes

Of course it isn’t nice to hear if mummy or daddy says: No! Don’t! Stay away! Be careful! Sometimes it feels as if there are so many rules that shut you in like walls. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could have decided for yourself what you wanted or didn’t want to do? That is what we think.
But we know that we sometimes make stupid decisions that get us into trouble or danger. Sometimes we do wrong things that hurt or harm. That is why it is actually good to have rules to help us. We know it is true that our parents know better. They don’t want us to be hurt, get into danger or to harm others. This is why they warn us, keep us from doing certain things and have rules. Their rules are not there just to spoil our fun, but they are there for our own good. They are exactly there because obeying them will keep us happy and safe.
Just as the fences around our homes keep us from getting hurt, there are rules to protect us from bad things. Every school, sport or country has rules we must obey. But the most important rules that everyone in the world must obey are the rules God gave us in the Bible.

God’s rules

God gave us these rules to protect us and to make us happy. Just as the fence around your home protects you even when you are small and don’t understand everything exactly, God gave us his rules to keep us safe. These rules do not only keep you happy, but help you not to hurt others. It keeps you especially from doing things that will make God sad.
In Exodus 20 in the Bible there is a summary of God’s rules.
God gave these ten rules, or commandments, long ago to Moses on Mount Sinai. In turn, Moses had to teach it to the Israelites. The Israelites were God’s nation that he led through the desert to the Promised Land. God wrote the Ten Commandments on two flat stones, because it was very important to him that his children would have and keep them. Today these rules of God are still just as important. They keep God’s children safe and happy. The rules make us live in peace and happiness with others in the land God gave us. That is why it is so important that we know and obey these commandments.

The Ten Commandments

1The God we worship is the one and only true God. We may not worship anything or anyone else.
2God must have the most important place in our lives. Of course we may love our family and friends and like our nice toys, but nothing and no one should ever be more important than God or keep us from worshipping him with all our heart.
3We may not use God’s name just like that. God is holy, and that is why his name is also holy. We may not speak without respect about God or use his name to swear. But we can use God’s name when we pray. We must praise his name when we sing or tell others about God.
4We must put aside one day of the week to think of God. This means that this day must be different and special. On this day we must rest and use it to honour God and to help others. Sundays we don’t go to school. Then we can go to church and learn about God. It is also a nice day for families and friends to be together and to be aware of how beautiful nature is. Sundays are there to say thank you to Jesus Christ who gives us the precious gift of life.
5We must honour and respect our parents. This is also true about other older people and teachers. It means that we must obey and love them, and speak to them with kindness. It also means that parents and other grown-ups must respect children and may not hurt them.
6We may not kill other people. People’s lives must be precious to us. We may not hurt anyone. We must rather try to help people as much as we can.
7 Marriage is very important to God. God expects of a married man and his wife to love each
other and to be faithful to each other. Even when we are young we must think that we may also one day get married and must already respect ourselves and others.
8 We may not steal from anyone. We must have respect for other people’s things. We may not just take everything for ourselves.
9 We may not lie or be untruthful to others or try to hide the truth in any way.
10We may not be jealous of other people’s things and want to take their things for us. We should be happy when good things happen to other people.

The greatest commandment of all is love

Jesus Christ said that the Ten Commandments actually mean just this:
– We must love God very much. Our whole life must show that we love and trust him.
– We must love others as much as we love and care about ourselves. We must do to others what we would like them to do to us.
God loves us very much and knows exactly what we need to make us really happy. That is why he gave us these rules. When you learn and keep these rules, you will live in peace and happiness with God and other people. We can praise and thank God for these commandments.


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