God has a special message for you

I wonder why you are reading this pamphlet. Perhaps you are sitting somewhere and are bored. Now you are reading it to fill the time… Perhaps someone has given it to you – you know, one of those “Jesus freaks”. It has been pushed into your hand, and you are reading it to soothe your conscience. It would be nice to tell that person someday that you have taken note of the contents. The chances are good that you are reading this pamphlet without expecting too much.

But still … you are reading it.  Amazing.  Perhaps, when you come to the end of the pamphlet, you will have something to think about. I would like to tell you something that could give your life tranquillity, meaning, a purpose and peace. So I ask you not to put the pamphlet down, but to finish reading it. Even though you will only be reading it because you are curious to find out what follows. So listen…

It’s all about unique information

Most people wonder about the meaning of their life. They are trying more and more to find it in ‘spirituality’. This spirituality they often seek by means of solitude and mystery, good deeds or even religiousness. These things may work for a while, but then the restlessness and feeling of worthlessness crop up again.

There’s a story about something, no rather someone, who can give purpose to your life, peace in your heart and hope for the future. It’s a story that tells you that, no matter how hard you try within your own power, you will not be able save yourself and get real and lasting peace and joy.

This unique story is about God’s special plan of saving us and giving us real liberty and joy. It is a plan where He does everything for you to give you peace.  All you have to do, is to make the message of this plan and the contents of the story your own (Acts 2:37-42). You should believe in it, allowing this good news about God’s grace to change your life. But the problem is: people don’t really like hearing this message.

I don’t understand why, but for some reason people don’t like hearing about God’s plan.

Perhaps you are one of those people. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about something in your life and are trying to ignore the message by keeping busy. Perhaps you are mad at somebody who is a Christian, so you are avoiding the church and the message the church is bringing. Perhaps you belong to another faith, different from Christianity, and you meet with resistance whenever you talk about Jesus there. Maybe you are one of those people who acknowledge the existence of God, but don’t want to know anything about the way He came to make peace with us.

The point is: because people don’t like the message, they try to get away from God through all kinds or theories, arguments and things. People often build walls around themselves so that they can’t hear that message. Unfortunately, of course, the further they go away from Him, the less they can hear Him and understand his message. It is common practice to wish God’s message away by means of clever arguments. One popular argument is that, because these things haven’t taken place in our present-day world, the message that God gives us in the Bible is not really true. So people tend to forget that God, who created everything, will really have the ability to do the things we can’t understand – like miracles or like giving us eternal life.

Our story

But it is still a wonderful message. You see, in the Bible we are told how we are living in a broken creation. The fact that society and our world are broken, is actually our own fault. The reason is that we as humans time and again choose not to be obedient to God’s guidelines. To tell the truth, even the first people on earth, the primitive people, were unfaithful to God’s guidelines – the guidelines for a wonderful life of peace with Him. Because they were unfaithful even in those days, the relationship between them and God, between them and their fellow-men, and between them and creation, broke into pieces. This disobedience of the people to God’s guidelines we call sin, and this brings a separation between us and God. This also applies to you (Genesis 3:14-24).

God’s story

God is always fair. He told the first people on earth that, if they did not obey his rules, they would be punished (Genesis 2:15-18). The worst punishment is that we will all die, so we all deserve to live without God after death (the Bible refers to this as hell – Matthew 13:40-43).

God is different from us. Although we are constantly choosing against Him, He doesn’t stop loving us (John 3:16). So He has made a clever plan to bring peace between Himself and us. Because He knows that nothing anybody can do will bring about peace between Him and us, He Himself came to make peace with us, to reconcile us with Himself (2 Corinthians 5:14, 17-19).

This He did by sending his Son, Jesus, to become like one of us.  Jesus became human, although He also remained totally God. He was subjected to everything that we are subjected to, but He never sinned (Hebrews 4:14-5:10). That is why He could carry God’s punishment for the sins of mankind. He did this by dying on the cross. But after three days in the grave He was resurrected (Matthew 28:1-10; Romans 3:21-26). And for 40 days after his resurrection He appeared to many people. There were literally hundreds of eye-witnesses who saw Him and could confirm Jesus’ resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:3-9; 2 Peter 1:16-18; 1 John 1:1-4; Revelations 1:9-20). After those 40 days people saw how He was taken up to heaven. And this is where He is still is, busy preparing room for those of us who accept this message. (John 14:1-3). From there He then sent his Spirit to guide us and always be with us. This is a miracle.

Becoming a child of God

God’s love for us as human beings (for you too) is so wonderful that everybody who believe and accept this message, become his children (John 1:12; 1 John 2:28-3:10). The wonder of it all is that through his Holy Spirit God convinces you to make this message your own (2 Corinthians 5: 11-21).

You can become part of God’s family too. All you have to do is to pray to God in Jesus’ Name (John 16:23-24).

This prayer should start off by confessing your sins and your inability to save yourself. But then you also have to confess your faith in Jesus. Confessing your faith in Jesus means you believe the historical events about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, but also that you really believe He did that for you. No matter who you are or what you did, Jesus Christ died for your sin also and He was raised from the grave in order to give life – eternal life, life in abundance – to you! It means you have to make the salvation brought by Christ your own. By accepting this in faith, it means that from now on you also accept Jesus Christ as the Leader of your life. You become his follower – you obey Him and serve Him. When you confess with your mouth and believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, you are a child of God, part of God’s family.  (Please carefully read Romans 10:6-13).

Living as child of God

Being a child of God means you now live in an intimate relationship with the Triune God, the caring Father, the loving Son, and in the presence of the consoling power of the Holy Spirit. You now have free access to God, who wants to give you life in abundance, real peace and joy – even despite the hardships we sometimes still have to endure.

Of course you want to know what else happens when someone becomes a child of God. Is there something you have to do? I want to explain it like this: Children look like their parents and act like their parents. If you are a child of God, you will act like Him in future, because you have his ‘spiritual genes’ in you. You will then have his ‘nature’.

That is why Christians’ lives change. Because you are so glad that you have been saved by God, you start living according to his guidelines found in the Bible – (John 16:16-17).

And when you are a child of God, people will see Jesus in you when they look at you. This will make them say beautiful things about Him and want to be his children as well (1 Peter 3:15-17). What a wonderful privilege that God wants to use you to make other people His children.

Being part of God’s family

Because God loves us so much, He has put structures in place to help us live more like Jesus every day. He has sent other Christians to support us, because we as Christians also struggle with life and with growing in faith.

So it is important that you tell somebody that you have become a child of God, and that you mix with other Christians. For they are God’s children too. You will find other Christians at church, so begin by going to church (even though the church is not perfect).

It would be a good thing to get a Bible and to read it. It is through reading the Bible that God talks to us, and that we get to know Him better. Prayer is just as important, because that is how you talk to God. Prayer is one of the most important ways to show God that you are glad that He has made peace with you.

So you can have a purpose in life. Our purpose as Christians is to live solely for God, to care for one another and to try and make his creation whole. That is God’s purpose for your life! Try to live in this purpose, and you will find that someone who is living in peace with God, also lives in peace with himself, with other people and with creation.

I dare you …

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