Give a gift that keeps on giving

Each of us wants to leave something positive behind to posterity…

The most lasting gift you can ever give is the message of eternal life, the gift of Jesus Christ.

In 1957, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a group of believers manifested a great dream – to bring the Message of the Bible to everyone, in their own language, through free and affordable literature.

This dream lives on today in the activities of Christian Literature Fund (CLF). There are many testimonies of how God drastically changed people’s lives through this literature. God blesses this dream through faithful contributors – small and large, individuals as well as organisations – who share our passion of kingdom work and support us financially to keep providing in the great demand for literature.

Make a difference through your bequest

Your bequest can make a difference in the number of people who hear about the love of God in their own language for the first time; by placing more Christian pamphlets with the message of hope, love and redemption in the hands of believers so that they can touch the hearts of the lost ones with it; by contributing to the printing of more books in various languages that can serve as a tool for spiritual leaders – even in outreach actions across our borders; or by giving each of the children of our country a Bible in their own mother language, in a child-friendly and comprehensible style, so that it may touch their hearts.

How can you achieve this?

Many people choose to leave a bequest to one or more charity organisations in their will. Not only does it mitigate the tax burden on your estate, it also enables these organisations to continue with their valuable service of the community or the kingdom.

Your will is the only reliable way of ensuring that your wishes are implemented after your death.  

You determine how your bequest should be employed:

You can bequeath it for the development, printing and distribution of more of the CLF’s free literature.

It can be used specifically for the One million Bibles for one million children-project.  You can allocate it to a specific language that is close to your heart, whether it is for free pamphlets or for the Bible project.

If you choose, and indicate it as such in your will or codicil, your bequest can be paid into the CLF bequest fund. This means that none of the capital is used – only the return on the investment is applied to print and distribute Christian literature.

Your legacy continues in any of these ways and it will keep on carrying out the Gospel, even if you are no longer there.

Please indicate in your will how you want to favour CLF:

  • a specific or fixed amount of money
  • a percentage of your estate
  • a specified asset
  • life insurance policy/ies
  • a remaining amount (that which is left of your estate after your loved ones have been provided for)

Should you decide to bequeath an amount or asset to CLF, it is very important to use the full name and address:

Christian Literature Fund

Private Bag X19, Wellington 7654

(021) 873 6964

If you already have a will, it does not need to change. Ask the bank or institution that handles your will to add a codicil to your will with details about your bequest to CLF. You are welcome to phone us at (021) 864 3707 for an example of such a codicil.

Death is a reality that cannot be wished away or ignored.

To die without a valid will (intestate) can have far reaching effects for those who stay behind.

A will begins with the question:

What do I want to do with what I have built up throughout my life?

A will has three important main elements:

  • appointment of the correct persons to handle the estate;
  • appointment of guardians in the case of children who are under age; and
  • exposition of how the assets in the estate should be divided.

Do not try to save money by compiling a will yourself, or too simply. Ask a lawyer or professional person at your bank to compile it for you – this saves a lot of money, time and additional pain for those who are left behind when you die.

Make it easy for your loved ones.

Put the following in a file and keep it up to date:

  • your will (extra copy with lawyer who compiled it)
  • contact details of executors
  • all numbers of your ID, pension fund, medical fund, bank and other cards, bank accounts, firearm licence, passport, etc.
  • all passwords for the internet, your cell phone (including PUK code), email, car keys, place where the safe keys are kept, etc.
  • official documentation such as ID, birth and marital certificate (if married in community of property, also the death certificate of your spouse, if applicable)
  • licences such as car, TV and firearm licence
  • all contracts, such as that of your cars, house, cell phone, short term insurance, TV hire-purchase
  • receipts of investments and life insurance, shares certificates, policy contracts, bank deposits
  • list of all assets
  • all details of employment such as personnel number and pension fund number
  • telephone numbers of contacts who can facilitate things, such as that of the pension fund, medical fund, investment consultants, personnel manager at work and executors of estate
  • Please visit our website,, write to us at or Private Bag X19, Wellington 7654 or call us at 021 864 3707. Remember to notify CLF if you are planning to leave a bequest for this work.

I am growing old

You tell me I am getting old, but that’s not really me.

The house I live in may be worn, and that of cause you see.

It’s been in use a good long time,

and weathered many a gale.

I’m therefore not surprised to find it’s getting somewhat frail.

You tell me I am getting old.  You mix my house with me

You are looking at the outside – that’s all that most folks see

The dweller in the little house is bright and young and gay;

Just starting on a life that lasts through long eternal day

The colour is changing on the roof,

the windows are looking dim

The walls a bit transparent and getting thin

The foundation not so steady as once it used to be

And that is all you observe.  But that is not really me.

I patch the old house up a bit to make it last the night.

But soon I shall be fitting to my house of endless light.

I’m going to live forever there; my life goes on, it’s grand.

How can you say I’m getting old.  You do not understand.

These few short years can’t make me old;

I feel I’m in my youth

Eternity lies just ahead, full of life and joy and truth

We will not fret to see this house grow shabby day by day

But look ahead to our new house which never will decay.

I want to be made fit to dwell in that blest home above;

Cleansed in the precious blood of Christ and growing more in love

The beauty of that glorious home no word can ever say;

It’s hidden from these mortal eyes but kept for us someday

My house is getting ready in the land beyond the sky

It’s Architect and Builder is my Savior now on High

But I rather think He’s leaving the furnishing to me

So it’s treasures up in Heaven I must store each day,

you see.


My fingerprints

“Lord, everywhere I go, I leave my fingerprints.

On the hands I touch, on dinner plates, walls and books.

There is no escape – everywhere I touch, I leave a sign of my identity.

Lord, help me today to leave heart prints wherever I go.

Heart prints of justice and empathy, of understanding and love, of compassion and caring.

Heart prints of hearty kindness and real connection.

May my heart touch the heart of another and leave an imprint of your love.

And if someone were to say: ‘Your touch has made me stronger today,’ let them know that it was your love that they experienced in me.”

Author unknown

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